Industry Specialty

Excellent quality

Energy saving

conscientious and responsible

CQC certification

In line with thenational green development strategy

13 years ofprofessional motor production and research experience

There are a number of advanced, precisionproduction auto lines

It has passed European Union CE, Japanese JISand Australian MEPS

Products are inline with the national GB standard

Serve each customer seriously, efficiently andwith high quality

Provide OEM,motor customization, motor wholesale

Product Line

Provide landing solutions for variousindustries


The industry sells famous brands

Many successful experience hasmade us in the domestic and foreign markets to win a high reputation

Internationaladvanced service level and domestic high quality production level successfullyfor many large enterprises at home and abroad to provide mature motor products

Strict production process

Well recognized by many famous enterprises inthe world


Founded in May2004, it follows the scientific system and management 

mode of Japaneseenterprises, integrates scientific research, production,

sales and service, andis a world-famous professional manufacturer of 

industrial control transmissionproducts. The total assets of the company are more than 9 million US dollars,the annual production capacity of 

200,000 motors, with more than 300 employees,including 85 engineers 

and technicians, headquartered in Taiwan.

Scale advantage, capacity guarantee

18 years focus on high quality bearingcustomization and wholesale


Various specifications and complete varieties

Four series canmeet a variety of needs, to help you easily achieve one-stop motor procurement

10 major types ofmotors, more than 50 series, tens of thousands of basic 

models, derivedproducts up to more than 30,000 specifications can be mass produced six motorstandard system Chinese manufacturers: international 

IEC standards, NorthAmerican NEMA standards, Japan JIS standards,

Russia GOST standards, AustralianMEPS standards.


Professional solution, high-end customization

Tailormade foryou to design special performance, non-standard structure 

motor, custom motorsolutions. Through the third-party factory inspection of many brand groupcustomers, product research and development, product 

quality, order delivery,service follow-up and so on are effectively guaranteed

Strong team of engineers, professional, worryfree, fast


Why Us

Motor one-stop service provider

Excellent industrial bearings

Products throughCCC, CE, CSA, UL, Rohs, REACH certification, safety mark certification,national energy saving product certification, the United States Department ofEnergy certification, Japan certification, low carbon certification, excellentprofessional equipment and patented production process, to ensure that eachfactory products are in line with standards, in line with customerrequirements.

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Suzhou FUJIMA Electric Machine Co., LTD


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